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I am committed to improving our education system overall. I want to ensure our children and educators are equipped and always supported. I want to work diligently beside our Governor to improve our overall education ranking. 

Jobs and Economy 

I am dedicated to growing our economy by creating more infrastructures in our district that create more jobs. I support the "America First" policy to bring jobs and revenue back from overseas. 


I am pro-life. Life should be protected from conception until natural death. 

Term Limits 

I believe in term limits in order to prevent one person from becoming too powerful or complacent. 

Responsible Spending 

We have to stop sending so much money out of our country; this is only causing us to get more into debt and supporting issues that do not concern us. We must focus our concerns and help those on our own land. 

Border Protection 

 We have to protect our boarder  better and  we have the means and capbility to ensure our boarders are better preserved and protected. I will ensure to fight to portect our own boarders better than we protect others borders. 


I am passionate about solving my district and countries opioid problem. We have to stop the distribution of controlled substance to adolescents, promote more research on medical cannabis, and invest in more mental health institutions in order to get to the root of this issue. 

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