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Kindness                      Honesty                     Perseverance



I was born and raised in Dadeville AL, and graduated from Dadeville High School in 2013. I was honored to receive an Ambassador Scholarship to continue my education at Central Alabama Community College. Two years later, I transferred to Auburn University, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and a Minor in Psychology in 2017. Like many, I found myself at a crossroads after college. I sought opportunities that would expand my worldview and provide new experiences. My only desire was to go out into the world with the ultimate goal being to learn and grow—and that’s exactly what I did! I moved to Tampa, Florida for 2 years, and then to South Beach Miami for another year. 


However, after a few years of living away from home, I could not shake the calling to return Alabama. My care and love for our country and state runs deep. No matter where I was while gaining such valuable life experience, my focus remained to somehow make a  positive impact upon the world using all the gifts with which God has blessed me. Whether it was volunteering with non-profit organizations or mentoring others through sports and pageants, I continued to always strive to do my best by being an example for others. Still, I could not ignore the call to come home and serve. After moving back to Alabama, I found the love of my life, welcomed our beautiful baby girl together, and became happily married. We share 3 children together, a dog, 17 goats, many beehives, ducks, and many more farm animals that give me great joy in their care taking. I love all things of God's creation; especially nature. I also enjoy helping others become more aware of their health and wellness by being certified in yoga, zumba, and personal training. I cannot wait for the opportunity to better serve this state and our country though my works.


Top 10 Reason I am Running for Congress:

  1)  Alabama’s Voting Statistics:

             The voter turnout in Alabama during the last general election displayed some of the lowest numbers in over

             36 years; and during the last primary election, Alabama saw only 23.4% voter turnout.*

             I believe in the democratic process upon which this great country was founded, therefore it is one of my 

            missions to increase voter awareness and turnout.

2)  Term Limits:

              I strongly believe in creating term limits in order to assure one person does not become complacent or too                            powerful and abuse their position; ultimately hurting the state and its residents. 

3)  Abortion Rights:

             I strongly agree that life starts at conception and that every child is a gift from God, therefore I intend on limiting                     abortion rights and instead implementing better programs that can help the less fortunate and those truly in need. 

4)  Alabama’s National Rankings:

             The state of Alabama has consistently been ranked lowest in overall Education and Healthcare; currently standing                   at 44th in both categories. Also, Alabama currently ranks far below average regarding its national test scores.**


             I believe that an educated and informed society leads to a better society, better communities, and overall a better                   way of life.

5)  Agriculture:

             Alabama is one of the leading states regarding Agriculture and the production of the foods and resources that feed                 and clothe all peoples of our nation.

             I believe that we as a state should invest in more locally grown sources of produce to better suit the overall needs                   of our individual communities; and generate more capital for our state.

6)  Overall Representation:

            I do not believe that our current representative is correctly representing all people of our State; only benefiting those              that line his pockets.


            Therefore, It is my mission to serve all people of our district and better represent our state as a whole. I desire to be                a stronger voice for the people of Alabama and to serve them to the best of my God-given abilities, without concerns             of personal gain.

7)  The Right to Bear Arms:

           I believe in a well armed society to protect those we love and care for, as well as protect our borders. This is                           important to assure the common peace amongst all people. 

8)  A Voice of the People:

          As it stands, I do not believe our current representative is being a clear and present voice of the people in our district.

          I will use my voice to better speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves. I will stand up for the betterment of            our state at no expense. I will increase awareness, simply the political process, and STOP the overspending.

9)  Taxes:

          Alabama’s taxes are too high and have nothing to show for it.

          I believe in hard work and that we need to get our people back in the workforce, back to self-sufficiency, and back to a            better living so that we can lower our taxes.

10)  Better Communities lead to a better State:

          I truly believe in order to create the change we need right now, we must start at home. We need better institutions                  that support our local communities; upon this foundation we will increase the overall health of our district, and                      eventually our State. We must start small, on the inside, our core values, our small/local governments and build upon              them.


The education system is one of the most important things in this country. We need to deepen the support offered to teachers and students and update the systems we have in place to ensure students are prepared to enter the real world when they graduate. ​



I believe mental health awareness and programs need to be strengthened so that we can better serve our Veterans and adolescents. 



I will be an active and present face in our community​​ to ensure all voices are heard. My desire is to bring all the recourse I can back to the 3rd District.

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